Grant Harper

Recipe Index software cooking

Everyone has recipe books. They swear by them and love them. They contain a treasure trove of material, but that wealth of deliciousness is often underutilized. Why? Because it's difficult to determine which recipes to try and to remember which recipes are worth repeating again and again.

Using recipes online and the power of search is one way to get around this, but the recipe book just doesn't seem to go away.

I definitely have this problem. There are a number of books, not to mention paper copies of recipes from various places that are just sitting on my shelf. Occasionally when looking at the ingredients in my fridge I will have a stroke of genius and remember a recipe that was super awesome from a couple of years ago, but that's rare.

How to solve this problem? Create a service to easily locate relevant recipes I already have on my shelf that use the ingredients I already have in my home. Check out the slide deck below for more details.

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